Ways African leaders can tackle cyber security talent shortage

By Gebeya

January 9, 2023

Ways African leaders can tackle Cyber Security talent shortage

The digital world is in full effect in this modern century. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world understood the power and importance of digitization. In the Covid-19 era, the whole world used digital platforms to still bring functionality to their daily lives and despite the upside and mass popularity of  digitalisation, it also presented many malicious cybercriminals and organizations an opportunity to exploit data, make money and harass people.

This has led to Cybersecurity becoming an absolute need in this modern world, and unfortunately Africa has struggled with cybersecurity, brain drain and cyber security talent shortage despite a huge percentage of malware being found in the African network.

In addition to the malware, there have been many scams happening in the region most of which are attributed to the lack of cybersecurity professionals.  With over 24% of the African population connected to the internet, many of these users are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

How can Africa improve their cybersecurity?
  • Promoting safe habits

There are many safety precautions that one can take if one wishes to protect themselves from cyber-attacks.  These practices include using anti-virus and only trusting safe browsers. All African governments should encourage companies, schools, and organizations to promote such habits. Cybersecurity should be taken seriously in every private or public institution that is reliant on the internet to fulfill their work. 

  • Raising awareness

Digitalization has proved to be revolutionary and The African economy has greatly benefitted from the widespread use of the internet across the region. As more people go online, it has become increasingly important to educate them on cyber threats, how to avoid them and how to safely navigate the internet.

  • Strengthen cybersecurity

Many Africans and organisations can be protected from various scams by having dedicated cybersecurity teams. Many African governments have introduced and are implementing policies that enable the protection of businesses and nationals from malware. They also have encouraged cyber security courses and professionals to embark on this field to alleviate cyber security talent shortage.

Ways African leaders can tackle Cyber Security talent shortage
  • Through dialogue

When African leaders step up and make use of their platform, they can prevent businesses going under and people losing their employment. Leaders of the business community and cybersecurity professionals should help create awareness and structure the steps that can create an impenetrable and secure network.

  • Human resource

Human resource is crucial for any business or corporation. This section of any business plays an important role in making decisions for the firm. When it comes to cybersecurity, the HR team will play a vital role in figuring out what’s best for the company. HR needs to choose cybersecurity experts who would help strengthen the company’s security on the internet. The recruitment process when choosing cybersecurity experts should be strict and rigorous to ensure that the talent is well-skilled, equipped, and up to the task.

  • Restructuring

Each organization has different needs and different goals. Hence the process of restructuring would be different for each organization. Restructuring your cybersecurity levels and methods is very important for each firm. This can be done by going back to the basics and then working up from there.

Security functions should first be recognized. After you’re able to point out the problems, you can start working on them. Hiring the right people also plays a crucial role in the complete restructuring process. It is advisable to make the best use of resources, such as a freelance cybersecurity team in Africa.

  • Hiring professionals

Professionals are individuals who have immense experience in their field. This experience allows them to have in-depth knowledge about their respective fields. Cybersecurity professionals can allow your organization to function safely and freely. By following their advice, you can fix the leaks in your organization’s security. Cyber security professionals are up to date about the current malware which is being found in the region. They would have the most optimum way to deal with such threats.

Furthermore, they would be able to point out any fishy schemes or scams which might be endangering the safety of your company. If your company is still small or growing and you don’t have enough funds to hire a professional on a full-time basis, it would be advised for your company to hire the services of a freelance cybersecurity team in Africa. A freelancing team would work within your budget and also solve all your issues related to cyber threats.

The African e-commerce industry is growing each year. Many reports suggest the industry will cross the 75 billion US dollars mark by the year 2025. As the rise of digitalization is being seen in the region, it has become extremely important to take cybersecurity seriously. 

The need of the hour is to create awareness among people. By creating awareness, more people would be able to practice safe internet habits. If you are looking for freelancing cyber security professionals, you can find top-quality freelancers on the Gebeya platform. These experienced professionals would take care of each need of your organization.

Hiring freelancers from Gebeya allows you to obtain quick but solid solutions to your security issues. It is paramount to take cybersecurity seriously and not fall prey to malware or internet scams.