Next Step Foundation and Gebeya Partner to Empower Persons with Disabilities through Digital Skills Training and Global Job Opportunities

By Gebeya

March 26, 2024

Nairobi, March 26– Next Step Foundation (NSF), a leading organization dedicated to empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), today announced a partnership with Gebeya, the Pan-African Talent Cloud technology company, aimed at improving the employment landscape for PWDs by providing them with access to cloud-based learning and global work opportunities.

"Our organizations have joined forces to address the necessity of continuous digital skilling for PWDs," said Peres Were, Executive Director of Next Step Foundation. "By providing leading skills in AI and other digital areas through access to Gebeya's world-class Talent Cloud platform, we aim to empower PWDs to seize more employment opportunities in a fast-paced, competitive job market."

NSF brings unique value to this partnership through recruitment and assessment of PWD candidates to join Gebeya's training programs, while Gebeya provides access to digital skills programs, global certifications, and global job opportunities through its Talent Cloud platform.

Gebeya’s Talent Cloud (G-TC) technology consists of an AI-powered and configurable SaaS platform tailored to organizations’ unique needs. Since the startup’s inception in 2017, Gebeya has built a strong reputation as a driving force of opportunity-creation for Africans across the more than 30 African countries in which it operates. Gebeya first made a name for itself in the software developer EdTech space, thereafter evolving into a trusted SaaS-enabled Talent Marketplace connecting Africans to jobs globally, and over time, driving strategic collaborations with some of the world’s foremost Fortune 500s and non-profit organizations.

This partnership represents a powerful convergence of mission-driven organizations committed to driving positive change," said Leul Girma, COO of Gebeya. "Together, we will harness the transformative power of technology to empower individuals, build inclusive communities, and create a more equitable world for future generations."

This partnership opens up new opportunities for PWDs to thrive in the digital economy, transcending geographical barriers and unlocking a world of opportunities.

About Next Step Foundation:
Next Step Foundation is a non-profit organization that leverages the power of technology to train and upskill people from marginalized communities – with a particular focus on people living with disabilities and young women, to equip and empower them to fully participate in the new digital economy.

About Gebeya:
Gebeya Inc. is a leading Talent Cloud technology company specializing in Saas-enabled custom talent cloud innovation focused on opportunity-creation for Africans across the continent.

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