Hiring in Africa: 11 Most In-Demand Job Roles

By Gebeya

September 27, 2022

Choosing the right job is the most crucial step in building a bright career. Africa is filled with immensely talented youth and experienced professionals who seek the right guidance and opportunities to excel. At Gebeya, we aim to extend both access and resources to a growing talent network. That’s why we’ve conducted in-depth research and analysis of job openings in various sectors. Based on the data collected, here is a list of the most popular in-demand job roles available for hiring in Africa.

1. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals are like the frontline warriors of any business. Despite the goodness and quality of a product, it cannot generate profits if more users are not using it. Sales and marketing professionals help businesses achieve these goals. They are the most in-demand category of professionals due to the rising start-up culture. In our survey, we found that 232 out of 657 companies looking to hire professionals in this domain.

2. Product Manager

The second-highest number of job vacancies appear for the role of product managers. These professionals have multi-disciplinary skills and work with cross-functional teams to meet the desired business goals. Statistics determine that 151 companies want to hire project managers in Africa to oversee their product development life cycle. The African talent quality is so premium that even international businesses want to have a remote team in Africa.

3. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Nowadays, data is the new fuel that drives the success of businesses. But the amount and complexity of data increases every day. Companies hire business intelligence (BI) developers to analyze such a large set of data and predict future business goals. These tech professionals use software and other tools to formulate reports that outline the growth, profits, and potential risks.

4. Software Developer

In 2021, the developer population of Africa reached a count of 716,000. One prominent reason behind this could be the availability of jobs in the software developer domain. 111 out of 657 African companies actively hire software developers. African tech is booming steadily with a rising developer population and tech-enabled start-ups. It makes remote software developer job opportunities more prevalent due to the compatible tech talent pipeline of Africa.

5. Talent Acquisition & HR Operations

When job opportunities and hiring needs are on the rise, the increase in talent acquisition and HR job numbers is quite obvious. Nearly 16% of total hiring in Africa happens for these roles. Talent acquisition and HR teams take care of the hiring, on-boarding, management, and termination of employees. As businesses expand by opening new verticals, the need to hire more talent emerges. Corporations need talent acquisition and Human Resource professionals to hire and manage these resources.

6. Finance

Finance is one of the long-lasting professions that will exist until businesses are running. It was found in our survey that 106 out of 657 companies are looking for finance professionals. The role and responsibilities in this profession constitute handling the cashflows, preparing a budget, and identifying potential investment areas.

7. Customer Executive

All customer-based businesses have a dedicated customer support team. This team assists the consumer on an on-demand basis and safeguards the business-consumer relationship in the long run. The customer executive as a professional heads the team of customer support and supervises the customer support practices to ensure an efficient, equitable, and enjoyable user experience.

8. Community Manager

A community manager is a new-age digital profession that involves the management of a company’s social media networks. Writing exciting posts and creating a buzz about the company in the social media space is what makes a good community manager. 11% of African companies are looking for such creative professionals.

9. QA Engineer

QA stands for Quality Assurance. QA engineers are a crucial part of the software development lifecycle. Generally, the role of developers is limited to the creation of software only. To make a software product error-free, the  QA performs a set of testing methodologies to ensure a quality experience from the user’s perspective.

10. Data Analyst

Data analysts closely work with BI developers but follow a more statistical approach. Companies sometimes employ them to optimize the data collection process and to make detailed analysis reports. Our survey found 62 companies that want data analysts for hiring in Africa.

11. IT Business Analyst

IT teams and their members tend to encounter several issues during the product development lifecycle. An IT business analyst finds great application in such a situation. Their job involves solving the issues encountered during the product development, understanding the IT business needs, and further increasing productivity. The profile of IT business analysts acts as the median between hardcore technical and operational jobs.


Job numbers predict the employment trends and hiring needs of the markets. People who choose a profession after proper analysis of industry trends have better chances of building a secure career. The above details are based upon the data collected from the number of job openings in different domains. We hope that these insights will help youth and veteran professionals make informed decisions regarding their career and hiring paths