Gebeya & Google Partnership Set to Birth Africa’s New Wave of Machine Learning Developers

In its ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between African talent, startups and SMEs, and the tech industry, Gebeya recently partnered with Google to launch the Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The intermediate training and hiring program targets residents in Sub-Saharan Africa, in a partnership between the Pan-African talent marketplace headquartered in Ethiopia and multinational tech giant, Google.

The three-month accelerated program will run from July to October 2022. The bootcamp is designed to develop machine learning engineers utilizing industry-leading resources. The Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp is divided into four components and leverages Gebeya’s network of talents and partners:

  1. Machine Learning Training: Participants will complete a self-paced machine learning theory course Coursera. The specialization course will take a deep dive into the fundamentals of deep learning.
  2. Machine Learning Certification: After successful completion of the ML course, participants can then obtain industry-recognized certification in the field.
  3. Machine Learning Practice: Putting theory into practice to solve real-world problems, this stage gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their deep learning and machine learning skills.
  4. Gebeya’s Machine Learning Network: Participants will gain insight from industry experts and decision-makers, fostering relationships that will aid in post-program employment.

With machine learning developer roles being in high demand in Africa and across the world, Gebeya and Google’s partnership is appropriately-timed and spotlights the continent’s continuous advancements.

“The Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp supported by Gebeya aids in closing the developer gap within today’s machine learning landscape and strengthening Africa’s tech ecosystem,” says Amadou Daffe, CEO & Co-founder of Gebeya. “In Gebeya’s history, partnerships like the one with Google have enabled critical upskilling opportunities to build the talent pipeline on the continent.”

Similar to Gebeya’s marketplace talent identification process, applicants to the Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp will undergo pre-screening to determine program eligibility. For companies seeking to hire ML developers, this initiative is a gateway to accessing qualified professionals and promoting cross-training with existing engineers. And for Gebeya, the program serves as another pipeline to building Africa’s ecosystem.

Applications are now open for SSA Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp. All program details are available here.

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