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Hire a core team of Gebeya talent at a fixed price to deliver a final product within a project’s timeline.

A custom solution,
built by a team of experts.

As a visionary, you have clarity on your final product. But how will you get there, and who will ensure all benchmarks are met? Share your intended market, product functionality, and budget; we will assemble a team to execute to the letter.

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Specify scope, role(s) needed, experience level, and on-site or remote preference.

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You will be assigned an Account Representative, who will curate your automatic talent matches.

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Virtually meet the best available
candidate in our talent pool, and make a selection.

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Complete your application with work experience and statement of interest.

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Pass skills tests and interview with a Subject Matter Expert to qualify.

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Upon acceptance, review your orientation kit, attend a webinar, and join the talent community.

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