Why do people become freelancers?


It’s a fair question, right? You get your salary at the end of the month and life is good. So why leave that comfort and venture into the unknown? This is interesting considering statistically more and more professionals are taking up freelancing as a career path.

This is evident with professional service marketplaces like Gebeya, Upwork, and Fivver showing exponential trends in the number of sign-ups and active users every day. There are professionals that are employed yet still own freelancing accounts so then begs the question what is the motivation behind this? Why are people shifting towards freelancing jobs?

The truth is there is no standard reason why people become freelancers. At some point, every freelancer has his or her own story as to why they did it. This article will highlight 5 of the common reasons we captured in our study that will shed some light on why freelancing is gradually becoming an increasingly popular concept.

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Quite notably a huge number of freelancers embraced the concept by becoming victims of circumstance. This wasn’t a first choice for them but it was a choice that panned out as something worth pursuing.

Job security has notably become a rather fragile concept with random causes ranging from an abrupt layoff to a global pandemic that can render one jobless in an instant. With more and more companies hiring in demand, talent freelancing becomes the next best thing. The thousands of online companies hiring have helped tremendously provide sustainable livelihoods for freelancers.


Freelancing comes with its own perks one of the most notable is the ability to become your own boss. As a freelancer, you own your narrative and you set your work plan as long as it falls in line with your client’s timelines.

This aspect has proven to be a very attractive feature with a good number turning to freelance because of the freedom that work culture provides. A quick search on Gebeya will yield thousands of talents ready for hire ready to meet all your hiring needs. With more and more people opting for online employment opportunities it is very clear the allure of being a self-made boss.


Of course, money is an important factor, you can make up to $20 an hour from literally anywhere. The ability to create a source of extra income has always been a motivator. Some people are freelancers and yet have full-time jobs.

Having that ability to double or triple your current income is a major reason why people become freelancers. You can get online jobs worldwide that pay considerably more than conventional jobs. More and more people are choosing to cash in on their skills by embracing online employment opportunities.


9-5 jobs can be a bit overwhelming with some people even working on weekends just to earn enough money. This aspect of conventional jobs and the monotony of it is a big reason why many opt to break from that endless loop of a day job.

Freelancing offers work full-time, part-time, or hourly. You are no longer bound by the constraints of the never-ending cycle that conventional jobs offer. The flexibility of choosing when to work is a breath of fresh air for many professionals. Online remote work offers flexibility that is rare to find and for most quite refreshing.


A good number of professionals express dissatisfaction with their current employment. These people settled for a job for lack of a better option. It’s hard to be choosy when you have bills to pay and a family to feed.

Freelancing as a work culture has inexplicably changed the rules of the game. With platforms like Gebeya, Upwork and Fivver professionals now have the luxury of an option. These incredible freelancing platforms serve as online marketplaces exposing talents to endless online job openings. This in turn affords talents the privilege of choice.

As a freelancer you get to choose the job you love, employment opportunities cease to become a constraint when you can tap into a vast network of online jobs worldwide.

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