Ultimate React JS Developers Guide: 3 Hiring Tips

Hire a React Js Mobile App Developer

React JS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that is used to develop compelling user Interfaces. Developed and maintained by Meta, React JS   is used in many products, including WhatsApp and Instagram. The biggest advantage of React JS is that it was designed to be able to reuse components for time efficiency. You can hire React JS developers through Gebeya.

Role of React JS Developers in the market

The role of a React JS developer varies from one company to another and from one team or project to another. React JS Developer responsibilities typically include:

  • Create the front-end using the React toolkit available using open source.
  •  Develop wireframes based on the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Convert the wireframes into code.
  •  Optimize  UI based on the requirements.
  • Perform routine checks and maintenance to fix detected bugs and errors.

You should hire React JS developers if you wish to build an interactive user interface. This will attract users to your web applications.

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How can React JS Developers help your business grow?

As a business, your main concern is going to market quickly. Here’s why you need to hire React JS Developer:

  • Web or mobile application development can be done in a fast manner because React Native is based on JavaScript. The resources available in JS are plenty, which means developers can create apps faster using these resources.
  • React JS allows for integration with other tools and technologies. For example, React can be used with Node.js for back-end development.
  • React JS can help with quicker market delivery of your products. As a business, it will help as developers can complete the entire software development process efficiently.
How to hire React JS developers through the Gebeya platform?

If you offer React.js development services in Africa or are a React.js development company, you can hire developers through Gebeya. To ensure a streamlined  hiring process, we recommend that you use the following structure:

  • Search for developers on the Gebeya Marketplace and get a snapshot of available talents.
  • Create a job post specific to the role and the project.
  • cc Consider providing the salary in your request for transparency. Shortlist candidates based on their work experience and relevant projects.
  • Consider gathering feedback from previous employers and colleagues.  to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate.
  • Interview the candidates to see if they are a good fit for your business or company. You can consider looking into their GitHub repositories for their past projects and can also ask for a demo of their projects based on your requirements.
  • Onboard the candidates and get started on your project! 

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