Top 10 Cool Trending Tech Jobs of 2022

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Technology is dominating the world, making our lives easier. Trending tech jobs are expanding, as more businesses use tech to elevate their growth prospects. These jobs will hold a significant demand in the future also due to the deep penetration of technology in every sector. Hence, in-office or remote programming jobs are a smart way to build a secure future.


But the tech job market is quite diverse due to different segments. Choosing the right one from an eclectic pool of programming jobs might feel challenging. To make things easier, we have formulated the below list of trending tech jobs for 2022. It will help you find the right tech job based on your choices and interests. So that you succeed in building a bright career in software engineering!

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1. Hot Trending Tech Job: Software Engineer

A software engineer or software developer is one of the most common and in-demand jobs in the technology market. Most of the applications or software tools that we use are designed and developed by these skilled developers.

Software engineers have significant creativity and apt problem-solving skills. To build a successful career in software development, you need to master various programming languages like C#, C++, Python, and Java. It is a high aptitude job that requires a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts like data structure and algorithms.


The salary figure of software engineers varies accordingly with the country. On a global scale, US software developers earn the highest average pay of $110,638 annually. With the right skillset and decent experience, you can get many remote jobs as a software developer in Africa with a salary comparable to US standards.

2. Web Developer

Web developers, or internet magicians, develop interactive and vibrant websites. As a web developer, you will be responsible for the efficient working of a website. This includes managing site traffic, troubleshooting errors, and enhancement of user experience. It’s no wonder this continues to be a trending tech job.

Based on the roles and responsibilities, web developers are further classified into the following categories:

2. Front-End Developer – Front-end developers are responsible for creating a good appearance of the website from a user point of view. From text to images to any transition that would appear on a website, they develop it all. To become a successful front-end developer, you need to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Java. The remote programming jobs in this domain are expected to increase by 13% by 2030.


3. Another trending tech job is Back-End Developer – The job profile of back-end developers is very much predictable from its name. Back-end development comprises database management, server settings, and API documentation. Strong fundamentals in Python, Java, SQL, Angular, PHP, and .Net are essential for becoming a proficient back-end developer.


4. Full-Stack Developer – Any professional who can handle both front-end and back-end development is called a Full-Stack developer. This category of remote software developer jobs is very popular. A full-stack developer alone can create an entire website from scratch. According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a full-stack developer in the U.S. is $67,174.

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5. IT Project Manager

A project manager is in charge of the project and supervises the workflow to deliver the desired results within the deadline. Based on the kind of project, a team might have different professionals from various domains. Project managers act as a connecting link between all these professionals to achieve consistent goals. This job is often considered the final destination of a career in software development due to seniority level.


To become a project manager, you need to gain certain experience in various domains. In addition to technical skills, this job requires a handful of management skills. Because dealing with people and managing them are premier tasks of a project manager.


As the demand for developers increases, companies look for more project managers to supervise a team of developers. The 2017 report of PMI (Project Management Institute) projects a 33% growth in project manager jobs by 2027. The median global salary of a beginner-level project manager is $87,426.

    6. Cloud Architect

Companies rely on cloud technology due to the instant availability of resources and faster transfer of data. Cloud architects develop, manage, and monitor such cloud platforms of companies. To become a successful cloud architect, you need to gain significant expertise in networking, database, and various cloud platform architectures. The average international salary of a cloud architect is $135,702 per year. There are a lot of remote programming jobs available in this domain due to businesses’ increasing reliance on cloud technology. All of that makes Cloud Architects one of the trending tech jobs of this year.

7. QA Engineer

QA stands for Quality Assurance. A QA engineer ensures error-free development of software and applications. He/she plans assessments and analyzes the probable risks to enhance the working of a software product. In this category of remote jobs, software engineer professionals earn an average compensation of anywhere between $39,500 to $68,000 per year.

8. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning (ML) is the next-generation technology and will become immensely consequential in the near future. Another trending tech job, ML engineers create self-sustaining algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) models that operate without any human intervention. They work in cross-functional teams, with a variety of professionals to conduct research and development.

9. Data Engineer

With more users joining the internet, the demand for analyzing customer data and data engineers is increasing. Data engineers collect, organize, optimize and analyze data sets to improve business efficiency. They sometimes work with AI or ML engineers to create a pool of data for training AI/ML algorithms.


The 2020 Dice Tech Job report predicted a 50% yearly growth in data engineer job numbers. With an average salary of $116,311 per year in the US, a career in data engineer remote programming jobs seems very bright.

10. Cyber Security Engineer

Last, but not least: one of the most recently-trending tech jobs over the past two years. Cyber security engineers safeguard the system by developing security protocols that prevent cyberattacks, theft, and hacks. They are also known as information security engineers for taking care of the company’s most important assets i.e. data and system networks. Certifications like Cisco Certified Network Professional and Global Information Assurance Certification are a good way to get remote programming jobs in this specialization.

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