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Remote Digital Marketers in Africa – The Key to Start-Up Success

Marketing is a core mechanism behind growing a business. It is especially important for start-ups that aspire to reach a wide customer base. Out of all the marketing channels, digital marketing gains the most traction these days. Thus, start-ups work tirelessly to sustain their digital presence amongst the audience.

Due to the popularity of remote team culture, start-ups like to hire remotely. In the field of digital marketing, Africa is a go-to place for the best designers and digital marketers. Remote Digital Marketing in Africa has several advantages over others. Here, we discuss the digital marketer talent pool for Africa and how they benefit start-ups.

Digital Marketing Ecosystem in Africa

Digital presence and its adaptiveness by the business have become relevant in recent years. The onset of the pandemic did play an important role in making this transition. As soon as the offline mediums got shut, businesses started realizing the importance of being digital.

Reports reveal a 71% increase in the adoption of digital technology by SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and manufacturing companies in Kenya. These statistics are a result of better internet penetration in the state. Due to 85% internet penetration in Kenya, businesses take regular initiatives to sustain their digital presence. This scenario is observable in other African countries like Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, etc.

The uprising of professionals depends on their demand in the nearby areas. Due to increasing digital awareness in Africa, businesses are looking for digital marketing solutions. This opens a channel for proficient digital marketers and designers in Africa.

African digital marketers are proficient in a variety of skills like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design, etc. The African digital marketer community is expected to grow as more African start-ups get funding in the coming years.

Start-ups ask- “Why Hire for Remote Digital Marketing in Africa?”

The digital marketing ecosystem is in the development stage and hence provides a lot of benefits to start-ups. For a start-up, the main goal is to hire the right resources within an optimum budget. Africa is a place that provides many benefits in addition to quality talent and cost-saving:-

  • Language Proficiency

Most international start-ups use English as a medium of communication. When hiring a remote Designer in Africa, there is no need to worry about language compatibility. Many African countries like Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria have scored fair ranks in the Global English Proficiency Index (EPI) 2021. South Africa is the best African nation with very high English proficiency leading to 12th rank in the 2021 EPI.

  • Less Expensive

The pay scale of African digital marketers varies accordingly to the nation and the experience of professionals. However, we have collected the salary figures for specific countries. An entry-level digital marketer in South Africa earns R 180,000 (approximately equivalent to USD 12000) per year.

In Kenya, the annual median salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is KSh 780,000, translating to 6800 dollars. These figures are very less than other western countries’ professionals. In the United States, digital marketers get an average pay of US$71,164, according to Glassdoor Statistics. Hence, recruiting a remote digital marketer or Designer in Africa is highly economical for start-ups.

  • Consistent Talent Pipeline

The popularity of digital marketing as a career among African youth is very professional. Many start-ups are working in the digital marketing space itself. In South Africa, the contribution of the digital marketing industry was R13.45 billion in 2021. Hence, there will never be a shortage of good talent.

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How to hire the best Digital Marketer in Africa Remotely?

Remote Digital Marketing in Africa is a bright opportunity for start-ups to embrace the remote work culture without compromising on budget. But hiring the right professional might seem tedious for start-ups.

Finding the best candidate out of the list of many is an art in itself. To ease out the process, here are some hiring tips to follow when recruiting a remote Digital Marketer in Africa:

  • Skills matter more than a degree – Companies reject many deserving candidates due to a lack of a degree. However, candidates with a professional degree do not guarantee good outcomes in every case. Start-ups are usually fast-paced and dynamic and hence require skilled professionals rather than mere degree holders.
  • Soft skills are equally important – Remote work employees need to have excellent soft skills as most of their interaction takes place online. Patience, flexibility, and curiosity are some of the essential attributes that a remote-working employee holds. Many recruiters focus on core skills more than soft skills.


Gebeya Presents remote hiring solutions for African Digital Marketers

The final and crucial point of all comes down to the actual hiring process. Start-ups are usually a team of fewer professionals. Many even lack a conventional human resource department in the initial stages.

To help such new ventures, Gebeya has maintained the best collection of handpicked professionals to choose from. We have an easy three-step process to choose the right professional for your remote team. Search below to find the best Digital Marketer in Africa!

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