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Digital marketing is a form of marketing where brands are promoted to customers via the Internet using email, banner ads, social media, SEO, and other digital channels. 

In today’s internet era, the digital world is accessible to a lot of people. This makes it essential for businesses to build an online presence through digital marketing to remain relevant and retain their customers. You can hire the best African digital marketers through Gebeya.

Role of digital marketers in the Market

The roles and responsibilities of digital marketers depend on the business they are working for and the products that the business offers to customers. Here are some typical responsibilities of digital marketers:

  1. A digital marketer is responsible for strategizing and writing the content that gets published on the business’s website. 
  2. They are also responsible for using techniques to optimize your web content using SEO and SEM tools to attract the right traffic to your websites.
  3. Digital marketers are responsible for generating leads. They need to think of strategies to convert website visitors into customers.
  4. They are responsible for the brand as a whole. You need to publicize your brand on social media platforms so that your business gains the necessary traction and audience reach.

The best African digital marketers have to take the necessary measures and come up with strategies to help build their online presence through social media promotion or driving traffic through SEO and SEM, among many other functions.

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How can digital marketers help your business grow?

Digital marketing is very important for businesses because in this ever-evolving internet era, making use of digital communications to publicize your brand is essential. Here are some reasons why digital marketers are important for businesses:

  • Due to the accessibility factor of the internet, marketing via digital modes is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing. Hence it is cost-effective for businesses and marketing teams.
  • A large part of the world’s population owns a smartphone with internet access. This means that they can see advertisements for different brands on the internet or through apps. This helps businesses reach a large part of their audience due to smartphone penetration.
  • From traditional poster-like ads, we have transitioned to short video ads and other forms of multimedia. Digital marketers can leverage this to create awareness about your business.
  • Advertisement activities are a lot easier to track as opposed to traditional marketing. This helps digital marketers to strategize better.

Hiring the Best African Digital Marketers can help businesses in Africa build an online presence.

How to hire Digital Marketers through the Gebeya platform

If you are a company of digital marketing consultants or desire the best African digital marketers, we recommend that you use Gebeya to hire your candidates. We also suggest that you follow the following approach to hiring talent on Gebeya:

  • Create a job post specific to the domain or type of brand you would like to market.
  • Shortlist candidates based on their previous experience, skills, and certifications, if any.
  • Conduct an interview to learn more about the candidate and further assess their marketing abilities.
  • Hire and onboard the candidate if you feel they are a great fit for your company and project.
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