How to Hire Top Designers in Africa on Gebeya

Top designers in Africa

Top designers in Africa have been redefining many industries with their innovative designs, capturing the attention of global brands. A design is a way of representing an idea, this can be in the form of a blueprint, wireframe, or graphic design as well. Designers are individuals who work on the representation of an idea. They work in different industries and have different tasks which are dependent on the type of industry they are working in.

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How to hire top designers in Africa through Gebeya?

A designer takes on many hats and to be able to hire top designers in Africa, it is important that a structure of hiring is followed as indicated below;

  • Writing a curated job post
  • Shortlisting a potential candidate
  • Interviewing the potential candidate
  • Onboarding the candidate after the different rounds of interviews

Here’s what a job posting for top designers in Africa must cover on Gebeya:

  • A brief about the company/individual that is hiring. This must be a maximum of about 50 words.
  • Describe the project that needs to be worked on. This must state all the responsibilities of the potential candidate.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a candidate post-onboarding.
  • The length of the project must be mentioned. This can be measured in terms of days/weeks/months.
  • The potential budget for the project (if any)  must be clearly stated. The terms and conditions of when the payment will be made must also be very clearly specified
There are various types of top designers in Africa that can be hired through Gebeya:
  1. Web Designers
  2. Graphic Designers 
  3. Logo Designers Interaction Designers
  4. Web Designers
  5. User Interface Designers and many more…


The process of shortlisting a designer depends on the type of designer the company/individual is looking for or the project needs. Here’s a common way to shortlist candidates for the role of a designer in Africa:

  • Years of Experience (YOE)

Does the candidate have experience designing a particular style that you have in mind? How many projects has the candidate undertaken as a freelancer? What kind of projects has the candidate worked on?

The above questions are to be kept in mind while shortlisting a candidate on the basis of YOE.

  • Portfolio

Does the candidate have a portfolio showcasing his/her’s past works? How does the portfolio look? Does it cover the important aspects of the past work?

A portfolio is an easy indicator of whether a candidate has worked on a particular design or not. The way the portfolio is designed will also give an employer an idea of whether the candidate is structured or not.

  • Past feedback

Are there any reviews of the candidates’ past work? Are the reviews descriptive or not? Do they reveal what kind of a candidate the person is? Is the candidate a creative person?

The above questions are to be kept in mind while looking into past feedback. They will give you an idea as to whether the candidate sticks to deadlines, the style of work, and how flexible a candidate is to changes and new ideas that may pop up midway through the project.

Post the process of shortlisting, interviews need to take place, and finally the onboarding process. Following a structure will help in not wasting time and energy and cost for the employer.

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