Hire 5 Types of Top Marketers on Gebeya

Hire 5 Types of Top Marketers on Gebeya
What type of Marketers are there?

There are primarily two types of marketing: traditional marketing and digital marketing. Traditional marketing refers to marketing techniques that do not require the use of the internet. These approaches are most common and have been employed by businesses for decades.

Digital marketing involves the use of the internet or mobile devices to bring about Ad campaigns. Due to the changes in trends and the emergence of new technologies, digital marketing techniques change frequently.

Marketers keep track of market trends, build advertising campaigns, devise pricing and targeting strategies based on demographic data, and collaborate with companies to increase online visibility and raise awareness of services and products.

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How to hire a Marketer in Africa 

A marketer is responsible for the marketing of a product. As simple as this may seem, it requires a lot of background work, trial, and error run, and a strategy to efficiently advertise and get leads. Here’s a structure that can be followed to hire a marketer in Africa:

  1. Write a descriptive job posting
  2. Shortlist a potential candidate
  3. Interview the potential candidate
  4. Onboard the candidate after making a final selection


Here’s what a job posting for a marketer in Africa should include on Gebeya:

  1. A short brief about the company and the team that the candidate will be assigned to, post onboarding.
  2. Description of the roles and responsibilities. This can be in the form of “What do we expect of you?” or “Your role will be”.
  3. Required and recommended skills relevant to the project.
  4. The potential budget for the project (if any) must be clearly stated. The terms and conditions of when the payment will be made must also be very clearly specified.
There are various types of marketers in Africa that can be hired through Gebeya:
  1. Traditional Marketers
  2. Digital Marketers 
  3. Social Media Marketers 
  4. SEO Marketers 
  5. Senior Marketers 

The process of hiring a marketer is mainly dependent on the shortlisting process and shortlisting is dependent on the type of industry in which the employer works. It also depends on the type of marketing the candidate is expected to do post-onboarding.

Here’s a common way to shortlist candidates for the role of a marketer in Africa:

  • Years of Experience

Does the candidate have experience marketing the type of products that you plan to sell? Has the candidate worked for startups? Has the candidate worked for MNCs? The above questions are to be kept in mind while shortlisting a candidate based on years of experience. This gives an insight into the types of products the candidate has worked on.

  • Personality traits

It is important to understand how the candidate is internally and externally. Traditional marketers need to be able to communicate efficiently, orally and in writing. A person who well independently and with others demonstrates ideal soft skills related to traditional marketing. Candidates who can communicate their ideas and strategies succinctly make good marketers.

  • Competency

It is important to check the candidate’s competency when hiring for roles related to digital marketing. Candidates need to know how Ad campaigning works. They must be able to generate strategies best suited for products that need efficient marketing.

When interviewing candidates, it is best to ask behavioral questions to assess the interpersonal skills of the candidate. Additionally, consider asking the candidate to describe a challenging and successful marketing campaign that they worked on. 

This will help you learn more about their work ethic, areas of improvement, and marketing strengths. Following a structured approach will ensure that you hire top marketers in Africa who are technically competent, and possess the communication skills and creativity to effectively sell your product or service.

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