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Golang or Go is a programming language that was developed by Google engineers to create software that is efficient and dependable. It is particularly useful for developing and delivering server-side scripts. With Golang, developers can write high-performance code that can handle large amounts of data and heavy loads. 

Go is also known for its high performance and parallelism and is hence used by companies like Google, Uber, DropBox, and many more companies. You can Hire Top Golang Developers through Gebeya.

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Role of Golang Developers in the Market:

If you want your business or company’s platforms to connect with different web services available, it is recommended to hire top Golang developers. These developers are experts in creating software using Golang and can help you build high-performance applications that can handle large amounts of data and heavy traffic.

They are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Code in the Golang language
  • Implement AWS to work with Golang
  • Build scalable software and perform maintenance routines as and when required
  • Implement feedback and changes based on client needs and many more tasks
How can Golang Developers help your business to grow?

Hiring Golang developers is essential for various reasons. As a business owner, your top priorities are to increase revenue and ensure that your customers find your application easy to use. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire top Golang developers who can help you achieve these goals.

  • Golang Developers help with app creation. Creating an app is easy, but making the User Interface a lot more interactive helps your customers have a seamless experience while using your app.
  • Golang developers will help your business’s website or app development flow along the lines of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering practices.
  • Applications developed using Golang are cross-platform ready. This means that the application can work on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.
  • There are plenty of packages and libraries available on Golang. Developers can make use of these libraries to develop applications in a fast manner. This benefits the businesses as developers can fast-track the process of development.
How to hire Golang Developers through the Gebeya Platform?

For Golang development companies in Africa or those offering Golang development services in Africa, we suggest adopting the following practices when hiring top Golang developers:

  • Create a curated Job posting. It must contain the roles and responsibilities of the Golang Developer while also highlighting the perks of joining your business or company. An interesting addition you can consider adding to the job post is mentioning the salary that one can expect upon onboarding into the company. A lot of candidates appreciate it if the companies are up-front about how much they pay their employees.
  • Shortlist the candidates based on your needs and requirements. If you need candidates who have had experience in building complex software, you can shortlist them based on their previous roles and projects that they have worked on.
  • Interview the shortlisted candidates by asking them about the projects they have worked on, their role at their previous companies, and so on. If they have done projects with the code on GitHub, you can consider questioning them about the same.
  • Finally, onboard the candidates if you find their answers satisfactory and if they are a great fit for your company. 

The structure mentioned above will ensure a smooth flow when hiring Golang developers.

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