Hire the Best Social Media Marketers in Africa

Hire a Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing involves the marketing and promotion of a certain brand or product across different social media platforms. Social media marketing is a way to engage with your existing customers and reach out to new customers in the form of advertisements. You can hire the best Social media marketers in Africa from Gebeya.


Role of Social media marketers in the market:


The best freelance social media marketers take up different roles and responsibilities depending on the company and the team or project that they are working for. Here are some typical responsibilities of a social media marketer:


  • They are responsible for developing a strategy to market the brand or product that they are assigned.
  • They research to understand who your target customers are.
  • They create content for social media websites. This content needs to be attractive and catchy.
  • They are responsible for the engagement factor of customers on your ads. They need to track them using web analytics tools.
  • They are responsible for creating leads out of customers who click on the ads posted on social media websites.


Hire the best social media marketers if you would like to leverage social media to help your brand grow to a whole new level.

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How can Social media marketers help your business grow?

Social media marketers can help a business grow in a variety of ways. Here’s how:


  • Social media marketers are responsible for creating an online presence for your business. This helps in creating brand awareness which eventually leads to more leads then more customers.
  • Social media can help connect your business with customers. This connection will deepen by showcasing how your products or brands benefit the customers.
  • Ads are not only a great source of revenue, but it also creates or generates leads. This is an important aspect for businesses to grow and expand.
  • Every business thrives on the sales they make. The more leads they generate through social media, the more sales they get for their businesses.
  • Social media marketing is a cost-effective option as opposed to traditional marketing. It is a lot more effective than traditional marketing.

Hire the best social media marketers through our platform Gebeya. We help you hire top-notch talent for your company.


How to hire Social media marketers through the Gebeya platform?


If you are looking for a social media marketing talent, we recommend that you follow the below structure while hiring candidates as it ensures a hassle-free process:


  • Create a job post that is specific to the role or the product that they will be promoting.
  • You can provide details like the salary that one can expect or the different perks one can get from working at your firm.
  • Shortlist the candidates based on their previous employers’ recommendations and feedback from colleagues.
  • Interview the candidates to understand how they have leveraged social media to help businesses, both small and big, to grow to the next level.
  • If you find the candidates’ answers satisfactory, then onboard the candidates into your company.


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