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Node JS Developers
Hire Node JS Developers on Gebeya

Node JS is an Open-source JavaScript environment that executes JavaScript codes on the server. It can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Node JS developers can perform the following functions on files on the server:

  • Create a new file
  • Open a file
  • Read a file
  • Delete a file
  • Close a file

Node JS can also be used to perform manipulation functions like adding, deleting, and modifying the data on your database. You can hire the best Node JS Developers through Gebeya.

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Role of Node JS Developers in the market

Node JS Developers mainly focus on working on JavaScript codes. Here are the role of Node JS Developers in the market:

  • Design and develop highly efficient applications
  • Responsible for writing server-side web application logic such as Coffee Script.
  • Support front-end developers in integrating their work onto the Node JS framework
  • Writing reusable and test case-verified code

The role of each Node JS Developer depends on the needs or gaps in your organization. These are things to factor in while curating a job post about hiring Node JS Developers

How will hiring a Node JS developer benefit your business?

Companies or businesses should Hire the Best Node JS Developers for the following reasons:

  • Typically, for a complete software application, you would require front-end developers and back-end developers. This is where Node JS developers come into the picture. Using Node JS, you can run one language commonly on both the server and client side.
  • Node JS is a lightweight software and can help reduce the application development time. This way, developers can deploy the software into the market at a fast rate which is a huge benefit for a lot of companies.
  • For businesses looking to scale up or scale down, Node JS is the way to go. Scalability is the core of Node JS. Developers can help scale your business up or down by making use of concurrent connections.
  • Node JS Developers can create applications that work on different platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.
How to hire Node JS Developers through the Gebeya Platform

If you are a Node JS Development Company in Africa, or if you offer Node JS Development Services, you must follow a structured approach while hiring candidates for your business or company. Here’s a structure that we recommend when you hire the Best Node JS Developers:

  1. Create a job posting specific to your company. Ensure that you highlight all the roles and responsibilities of a Node JS Developer at your business or company. Ensure you mention the skills required in the job posting and any additional knowledge that would be classified as a “Good to have.” Also, consider highlighting the team or project they are getting hired into.
  2. You can also consider adding the salary details. This attracts a lot of candidates. But, this is purely optional.
  3. Shortlist the candidates based on your needs and requirements. You can consider the following while hiring the candidates:
    Technology fit: Check if the candidates understand what tech stack they will be working on to build the back end of your application or software.
    Work Experience: This can be the previous roles they have taken up in different companies or the projects they have worked on.
    Reviews: Ensure you check the reviews of the candidate by talking with past managers and colleagues to get a perspective on their work done.
  4. Finally, onboard the candidates if they are suitable for the job posting you are hiring for.

A lot of companies are unable to Hire the Best Node JS Developers because they fail to follow a structured approach while hiring talent. But, following such a structure can help you search and hire top node.js engineers in Africa on the Gebeya platform. 

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