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UX stands for User Experience, and it is an important aspect of any product that is being built. The user experience can make or break the user’s engagement with the product. A UX designer is responsible for making a website or an app enjoyable to use for users while also making it accessible to the users. 

You can hire the best freelance UX designers in Africa from Gebeya.

Role of UX designers in the market:

Best freelance UX designers have different responsibilities depending on the projects or teams they are working on. Here are some typical responsibilities of a UX designer:

  • They are responsible for deriving the product structure and strategy needed to make the application or service users use.
  • They perform competitor analysis to understand what the different competitors offer to their users.
  • They are responsible for the development of content that goes on your product. This needs to be attractive content.
  • They coordinate with developers and UI designers to understand more details about the product that is being built so that you can correctly map the user as they use the product.
  • They are responsible for the testing and iteration of the product as and when required.
  • They are responsible for creating prototypes and wireframes for the product that you are building.

Remote freelance UX designers have a great design sense that enables them to map the user as they use the product. This enables them to make the right changes required to increase user engagement.

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How can UX designers help your business grow?

User Experience (UX) designing can take your company or business to a whole new level. Here’s how:

  • UX design can help identify errors while mapping user actions early in the development process than after deployment. This, in turn, reduces the cost of development for companies and businesses.
  • Users who have a great UX while using the product can increase the revenue for the company as the engagement levels keep increasing.
  • Businesses will benefit more from converting leads to customers which brings revenue to the company.
  • Users often complain about different platforms whenever they don’t have a great time on the service or application. Improving UX will help in reducing consumer complaints about the product.

Best freelance UX designers can bring phenomenal changes to how users interact with your product.

How to hire UX designers through the Gebeya platform?

If you wish to hire top freelance UX designers, we recommend that you use the following structure to ensure a hassle-free on boarding process:

  • Create a job post specific to the project or team that you are hiring for. You can add details like the perks of working for your company and the salary aspect of the job you are hiring for. This is optional, but a lot of candidates prefer open companies.
  • Shortlist the candidates based on their previous work experience and reviews from colleagues and previous employers. 
  • Interview the candidates to see if they will be a great fit for your company. You can also ask questions about their portfolio.
  • If they are a great fit at your company, onboard the candidates. 
UX designers concentrate on aspects of the user experience meeting a particular user’s needs in the specific context where they use the product. The Gebeya platform holds a pool of pre-vetted UX designers professionals who are extremely skilled and have numerous years of experience. Their in-depth knowledge and exceptional technical skills will help you ensure growth in your company.
If you are looking for the best UX designers in Africa, the Gebeya platform is the perfect starting point for your company. 
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