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 What is a Software Developer’s Function?

Software Developers are the people who build and improve software and apps that you use daily. A team of developers created the web browser or the app you’re using right now, or the web page you’re reading.

They are usually part of a team of professionals who collaborate to figure out what customers expect from their software and how to best meet their expectations.

The marketplace for software developers continues to grow as new start-ups and large digital organisations are enhancing their online presence. The demand for skilled developers is greater than before due to the growth in technology. More companies are starting to look for freelance software developers to help them with their projects as they provide expertise, and experience and have a flexible schedule.

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The Role of Software Developers in Africa

African Software Developers’ responsibilities and roles in projects vary based on the project’s requirements like;

  • Software development, research, implementation, design, and management
  • Updating and maintaining existing software
  • Evaluating and testing of new software
  • Software code creation and implementation
  • Identifying and creating needed adjustments
  • Procedures for quality assurance planning
How do I hire software developers in Africa?
  • Define a budget

You need to set a reasonable budget for the project you have in hand. Remember that many software developers in Africa are small company owners responsible for their taxes, overhead, and insurance. As a result, their hourly rates might be slightly greater than that of an employee. Set a budget that you can afford.

  • Frame Job Description and questions

The following are some essential aspects that we at Gebeya have discovered via trial and error – a process that has involved screening through hundreds of developers.

a) As for Previously developed projects
Depending on the projects you’re attempting to develop, you can prioritize specific developers above others- social networks, SAAS solutions, etc.

b) Years of expertise as a software developer
Make it clear what technologies you want and how many years of expertise you require. As per the requirement of your project, you can set up a bracket for the number of years of experience you are looking for.

c) Strong communication
Excellent communication skills are an important factor to consider when employing software developers in Africa. Because interactions generally take place online, a freelancer must be able to communicate effectively to guarantee that all work is completed efficiently.

d) Experience working remotely
A developer with previous remote job experience has an advantage since they have first-hand knowledge of everything, from contracting to efficient communication, timeframes, and deliverables.

  • Shortlist and Interview 

Create a shortlist of Software Developers in Africa you wish to interview once you have initially reviewed their profiles.

For your project description, define the scope of work and the exact kind of  Software Developer you need to finish your project.

 What type of Software Developers in Africa can you find on Gebeya?
  1. React
  2. Python
  3. Node Js
  4. Full Stack
  5. Web Developer

Make a concise job title that accurately expresses what you’re looking for and search for the right Software Developers on the Gebeya platform to complete your project.

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