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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a scripting language meant for web development. PHP is an open-source language where its scripts are executed on the server. PHP can be run on several platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a very common tool used in web development because it supports a variety of databases. You can hire PHP developers through Gebeya, search on the tab below.

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Role of PHP Developers in the market

PHP developers have different roles depending on the project and the team they are working for. Here are some typical responsibilities that PHP developers have:

  • You are expected to analyze the project requirements. Sometimes, PHP developers take up data analysis to understand exactly what the webpage requirements are.
  • You need to develop the website or webpage with the technical knowledge that you possess, and it must be done following the requirements that have been put out.
  • You will have to test the code to see if it meets the requirements and to check for any bugs. You are also expected to gather feedback from the client and make changes accordingly.
  • However, once you deploy the webpage or website, you will have to perform routine maintenance to improve both the visibility and user experience.

Hire PHP developers if you’re looking for a developer who can code efficiently while also meeting the client’s needs and requirements.

How can PHP developers help your business grow?

When you hire PHP developers or when you hire PHP Backend developers, they can benefit your businesses in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of hiring them are listed out below:

  • PHP allows for complex solutions to be developed easily in a fast manner making it super useful for businesses to enter the market a lot faster than other web development services.
  • As mentioned before, PHP is a cross-platform language. This makes it easy to just integrate or re-use their existing software components.
  • A lot of businesses have to integrate changes depending on the client’s needs. PHP allows for these changes to be easily integrated as and when required.
  • Websites that are built using PHP can be developed within a limited budget and a lot less time as well. This helps businesses ensure they don’t splurge money on website development.
  • Hiring PHP developers who have experience in the domain can help customize and modify your existing website to attract more users.
How to hire PHP developers through the Gebeya platform?

If you offer PHP web development from Africa, PHP Development Services, Custom PHP Development Services, or looking to hire PHP developers, we recommend that you follow the below structure to ensure a hassle-free onboarding of the potential candidates:

  • Create a job post specific to the project or team that the potential candidates will be hired into.
  • When you are shortlisting candidates, you need to look for candidates who are familiar with the libraries and frameworks used in your web application.
  • Another important attribute you must consider is their familiarity with project management tools and version control systems.
  • You can also consider gathering feedback from colleagues and previous employers to get a better understanding of their workflow.
  • Interview the candidates to see if they are a good fit for your company.
  • Finally, Onboard the candidates into your business or company.

Search and hire PHP developers below.

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