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Kotlin android app developers
What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that has a type interface. Kotlin works with Java, and about 60% of professional Android developers make use of Kotlin because it is a developer-friendly language.

Using a modern language like Kotlin helps improve developers’ efficiency, productivity and ensures code safety. And as it is open-source, developers using Kotlin for Android app development can benefit from timely support from other developers in the community. 

Kotlin also has a clean and compact syntax that allows operator overloading and functional programming which can be used in developing Android apps as an alternative to Java. Strong evidence suggests that Kotlin is becoming an increasingly popular choice and hiring Kotlin android app developers will help you build android apps fast and in an easy manner.

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What is the role of Kotlin Developers in the market?

The role of Kotlin developers varies from one company to another, and in most cases, it varies from one team or project to another. Here are some typical responsibilities of a Kotlin developer:

  • Writing understandable and efficient code for an Android app.
  • Comprehending the Product Requirements Document and converting the same into wireframes and later into code.
  • Ensure optimization and code reusability.
  • Collaborating with the QA team and the design team to build a full-fledged app.
  • Ensuring the Android apps designed are secure and performing maintenance checks whenever required.

Hire Kotlin Android App Developers if you wish to build an interactive Android app that your users or customers would enjoy using. 

How will hiring Kotlin Developers benefit your business?

Hiring Kotlin developers will impact your company’s growth indirectly. Here’s how:

  • Android app development is easier using Kotlin as it can make use of any existing library on the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Kotlin is easy to code, which means that apps can be developed in a fast manner and can also be deployed faster too.
  • Kotlin saves developers a lot of time and effort as it doesn’t take long to code.
  • As a general-purpose programming language, the documentation is plenty. So, developers do not require any third-party help to fix errors.
  • If your business is predominantly based on a web application and you want to transition to an Android app, you might want to Hire Kotlin Android App Developers to help you with this transition.
Kotlin is here to stay, and businesses must take cognizance of that if they haven’t already. Therefore, hiring an experienced Kotlin android app developer is an essential step toward app development for any business. Kotlin provides an effective solution due to the speed, accuracy, flexibility, and stability it offers to solve complex business challenges.
How do I hire Kotlin Developers through the Gebeya Platform?

If you or your company is looking to hire Top Kotlin Developers from Africa then Gebeya could come in handy. We recommend that you follow the structure enclosed below :

  1. Search candidates on Gebeya. Ensure the candidate has all the essential requirements for the role.
  2. Shortlist the candidates based on your requirements and needs. You can consider looking at their GitHub repositories if they have developed previous apps.
  3. You can also get reviews and feedback on the type of projects they have worked on from colleagues and past employers.
  4. Interview the candidates to understand their technical skills better and have a discussion more than an interview.
  5. Onboard the candidates if they meet the requirements set by your company.


We believe the above-mentioned structure will help you hire the best Kotlin Android App Developers while ensuring a smooth onboarding process for both the candidates and you as the employer.

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