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The role of freelance writers in the market

Freelance writers are one of the building blocks of any company. They’re responsible for crafting and maintaining company documentation, assets, and communications to customers that highlight the brand, its values, mission, products, services, and much more.

Therefore it is important for companies to hire freelance writers in order to maintain marketing and negotiating techniques. 

Gebeya’s platform is buzzing with freelance writers from all over Africa and especially South Africa, making it super easy for you to find your next hire.

How to hire freelance writers that help your business to grow

Expert content writers know their way to the customer’s heart and can use multiple sources, like blogs, websites, social media posts, emails, or newsletters, to execute great storytelling.

Captivating content is vital to marketing strategies that effectively advertise your services or products, and increase online visibility. Many companies prefer to hire content-writing freelancers on a short-term or ongoing basis, to succinctly communicate on behalf of a company and engage, inform, persuade, and entertain the target audience.

Hiring skilled freelance writers also provides the following benefits to your brand:

  • Freelance content writers often work with different clients across various industries. This provides them with background knowledge of a range of topics and audiences. Being skilled in multiple areas is extremely valuable and allows you to utilize a writer across your organization for diverse projects.
  • A content writer can attract a majority audience with engaging and innovative content. This strategy is being used by 87% of industries worldwide.
  • The content writer is well-versed in the art of negotiating without hassle. They are persuasive storytellers who recognize the importance of capturing and converting leads while staying current on industry and marketing trends.
  • The quality of the content piques interest and drives more audience members to your website, which is the first thing explored by any customer. Writers can ensure your website and social media platforms have content that’s consistent, high quality, and relevant. So, current and prospective customers easily identify and relate to your brand.

Search and Hire freelance writers in South Africa.

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How to hire freelance writers through the Gebeya platform

Gebeya is a talent marketplace for Pan-African freelancers and permanent job seekers. Talents on the marketplace are diverse in skill set, experience, location, etc., and are great for companies that need to hire on a short or long-term basis. You can explore a number of options through the platform.

To get started, you can search for talent based on your needs and then, post a project to move forward with the hiring process. A project request can include the following details:

  1. Project scope
  2. Length of the project
  3. Skills and applications desired
  4. Required educational qualification(s)
  5. Expertise needed

Gebeya makes accessing skilled content writers in Africa easy and free. Candidates on the marketplace are pre-vetted, so, you can discover the best talent in the region.

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