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Freelance Web Designers

Freelance web designers are the people involved in the user interface development of web development. Web designers decide on factors like fonts used on the websites, colors, and graphics to use on the website.

In short, web designers are responsible for the entire big picture of the website. They decide on factors that affect how your users use your website. You can consider hiring freelance web designers through Gebeya, just search below.

The role of web designers in the market

Freelance web designers have different responsibilities depending on the company or project they are working on. Here are the typical responsibilities of web designers:

  • They have to talk with clients to understand what exactly their requirements are for their website.
  • They have to understand the existing website designs and standards.
  • They have to modify the website’s appearance by using content standards.
  • They have to work with a variety of content management software.
  • They have to design simple websites based on your needs. You can also ask them to use their design sense to make the websites look attractive to users.

Freelance web designers can take up a variety of tasks. But at its core, all web designers are responsible for creating responsive sites which meet design standards and also attract customers to use the website.

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How can web designers help your business grow?

Often a lot of businesses focus on their business models without having a proper front for their companies. Freelance web designers can help your business grow in the following ways:

  • Web designers can help with effective navigation for customers. Often, customers find it very hard to get work done on a business’s website. Web designers make use of design standards to ensure proper navigational flow for each user.
  • The content and visual elements presented by a web designer are done formally and aesthetically to attract a lot of users to use the websites.
  • Changing the basic visual and content elements of the website attracts a lot of customers. This increases the engagement factor, which is an important attribute for businesses.
  • Finally, businesses require their website to appear in the first few search pages of web browsers. Best web designers can organize the content to enable search engine optimization.
How to hire web designers through the Gebeya platform?

If you are a Web Designing Company, or if you want to hire a web designer, we recommend that you follow the below structure to ensure a smooth onboarding process for the candidates. Here is the structure:

  • Create a job post that is specific to the role or project that you are hiring for.
  • Provide the perks of working at your company, and any other interesting point you can add to your job poster is the salary. A lot of candidates prefer companies that are up-front about the salaries that they offer their employees.
  • Shortlist the candidates based on their experience, and reviews from previous employers and colleagues, and finally, interview the candidates to check if they are technically sound and if they are a good fit at your company.
  • If you find their profile satisfactory, onboard the candidates into your company.

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