Gebeya Launches Developers Marketplace Platform in the UK

Gebeya Launches A developers Market In The Uk

Gebeya’s developers’ marketplace will serve to provide highly qualified software developers to organizations, SME’s and entrepreneurs across Europe on demand /

Thursday 7th September. London, UK –  Gebeya – A Pan-African Edtech and IT Service Marketplace company are pleased to announce the launch of their developers’ marketplace in London, UK. The platform sets to increase the accessibility of software developers in Europe at competitive market rates.

According to Accenture, the UK needs 745,000 more workers with digital skills this year alone costing the economy around $63bn. IT staff job postings are on the rise, a 10% year-on-year growth, says a separate study by IT body CompTIA. The digital skills gap has become one of the more pressing problems facing UK businesses and entrepreneurs. The developers’ marketplace aims to satiate this ever-growing demand for qualified digital talent across Europe by enabling organizations, SME’s and entrepreneurs hire top software developers on demand.

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12 months ago, with only a small team of highly motivated employees, Gebeya launched its first office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia set to build a self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of African talent. Today, Gebeya has more than tripled in size and tripled in presence by expanding to Nairobi (Kenya), Silicon Valley (U.S.) and launching in London (UK). ‘We are excited with our success so far but our growth reflects the increased demand for digital talent in the global market. On this regard, we have created a self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of African talent so as to produce world-class software developers and mitigate the global demand of digital talent,’’ says Amadou Daffe, Co-Founder and CEO at Gebeya.

The developers’ marketplace will match customers with highly skilled, certified and multilingual software developers to develop innovative technological solutions, improve development efficiency, scalability and mobile success. In order to maintain quality, software developers will have to undergo an intensive 6 months hands-on practical training that focuses on cutting-edge technologies that are running the global digital industry today. Only upon graduation will they be placed on the platform which currently has a pool of software developers who have worked on widely successful projects across Africa, Europe, and USA.

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