5 Ways Freelance Graphic Designers Can Transform Your Business

freelance graphic designers

Before your company can provide a service or product, it must first attract its target customer. Leaders and marketing teams know the window of opportunity to do so is small. In fact, you’re battling against people whose attention span lasts about eight seconds (yes EIGHT). That’s why in today’s digitally-driven world, visual currency and freelance graphic designers are key. 

So why are graphic designers so important and what do they actually design? They’re versatile creatives who are responsible for the creation and layout of your company’s: 

  • 1.Logos
  • 2.Websites
  • 3.Branding images and design
  • 4.Videos and infographics
  • 5.Digital and print advertisements
  • 6.Reports
  • 7.Social media graphics
  • 8.Visual relevancy

In addition to grabbing the attention of the right consumer, you are constantly vying to appeal to their needs, wants and wallets. Without straying away from or breaking your own. Tapping into the skills, talent and youthfulness of African freelance graphic designers allow you to do just that. 

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Visual Content Resonates

When it comes to outsourcing your graphic design needs, there should be more to the decision-making process than time and salary. There should be a demand for talented, out-of-the-box thinking professionals who can capture the essence of your company and customers. 

From the graphics used on social media posts to the depiction of company leadership on your website, the storytelling of a graphic designer is never done. Inc.Africa shares, the goal should be to “build an inclusive brand from the inside out. Your customers, particularly diverse, niche, and marginalized consumers, want to spend their money with a brand that aligns with their values.” 

Imagine having a very detailed idea that is rooted in the aesthetic of your country and culture. How do you articulate your concept to a professional with little to no working knowledge of the continent?

Graphic designers located throughout Africa can rely on firsthand experiences that allow them to draw inspiration from personal identity which can easily translate into an asset for your company’s storytelling and branding needs. A recent game-changing example of the power of representation is the Black fetus illustration by Nigerian artist and medical student, Chidiebere Ibe.

By staffing your startup or SME with freelance graphic designers from the world’s youngest continent, you elevate your customer experience while ensuring no brand misrepresentation or inauthenticity. 

While Africa’s presence in the freelance space is mostly attributed to the tech industry, graphic designers are very much present and making their work known on the continent and around the world.    

Professional Branding by Freelance Graphic Designers Generates Revenue

Let’s face it, consumerism is driven by influence. Red Website Design’s research notes 94% of consumers will leave a company’s website if the design in subpar. 

While finding adequate and affordable full-time graphic design staff to maintain your website, apps and other content needs can seem impossible, trying to create visual content on your own with basic design tools (like Microsoft Word and clipart) can drive away the perfect customer. 

Have you ever looked at your favorite company or competitor’s website or social media platform in awe? Everything from the logo, photos, colors, videos, infographics, and words immediately reeled you in, and before you know it, you’ve browsed the entire site.

That’s the work of a graphic designer. 

Every aspect of the design process matters. No matter your product or service, your end goals are the same– meet a need and make a profit. Ill-conceived or received visual concepts can be costly to any startup or corporation. 

For startups and small businesses, the time it takes to go from launch to profitability is two to three years. 67% of small business owners are willing to spend up to $500 on a logo design, per Red Website Design’s study.  Understanding the impact graphic design has on your company’s relevance and success is a big return on investment.

The proof is in the portfolio

Graphic designers are unique. Their ability to incorporate various mediums to tell a story takes skill. While anyone can put together words and texts, visual content that commands and calls to action is what generates revenue. 

To maximize resources, recruiters, hiring managers and decision-makers should request freelance graphic designers to provide a portfolio. The adage may go “don’t judge a book by its cover,” however when it comes to getting the right creative designer for your next project or product, don’t be afraid to ditch that logic. 

A freelance graphic designer’s portfolio is the bread and butter of their resume. It’s how one can easily assess soft employability skills like attentiveness to details, problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, independent and collaborative work and much more. 

Now when we say portfolio, we’re not just talking about the physical, black binder. Thanks to free or low-cost platforms like Adobe Portfolio, Canva and Wix, graphic designers are going digital with their work samples. 

Ask for links or PDF portfolios so that you can easily see the quality of work, the level of details, their style and individualism, as well as ability to take a product from conception to creation, and in some cases, client success.

Despite the numbers, affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing quality

Maintaining full-time team members for every role in your company can be costly. Outsourcing projects to freelance graphic designers is cost and time efficient. While the numbers mentioned earlier tell one important story of the graphic design landscape, truth is, the pricetag associated with staffing the role is one of great concern for small businesses and startups. 


The skillset and experience of freelance talent may range, however, that should not deter your decision to staff within your means and needs. Freelance graphic designers don’t require years and years of formal education. In fact, it’s their creativity, innovative approach and experience with the latest design software that should put your mind at ease when evaluating the quality of performance, professionalism and execution. 


Last year, logo design and branding contributed to $3 billion of the graphic design’s market revenue according to IBISWorld’s findings. Adding qualified freelance graphic designers to your short or long-term projects allows them to focus on producing high valued visual content while you focus on delivering high-quality products and services. 

The industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon

In 2021, the graphic design industry generated $45.8 billion. Freelance graphic designers make up 90% of the industry’s global workforce and according to recent  IBISWorld reports, experts predict the industry will increase 3.7% this year. 

Simply put, graphic design is a critical element when it comes to operating a successful business; one that decision-makers can’t afford to neglect.  

The Wrap Up: Investing in Your Visual Currency

Graphic designers aren’t just picture people. They’re skilled, talented and detailed professionals that can take a skeletal or well-thought out concept and transform it into a distinctive, captivating and memorable piece of visual content. Downplaying the significance of graphic design can be harmful to any company and bottomline. 

As businesses of every size and stage reassess or rebrand to stay on or above par with the global economy and workforce, it’s time to (re)invest in the visual influencers. 

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