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Client Frequently
Asked Questions about Freelance Talent

Gebeya is an online freelance talent marketplace for the Best of African Talent. Hire from a multicultural, multilingual talent pool of freelancers who have been thoroughly screened and vetted for their skills, expenerience, and professionalism. Visit our How it Works page for more.
Affordability, high quality, and a diversity of skill sets. We use a combination of timed online tests, as well as an interview with subject matter experts, to identify talent with the right mindset, integrity, and fluid communication skills. Our partners report a 95% satisfaction rate.

Acquiring freelancers means:

Shorter candidate search
Minimal training required
Less HR management
Lower salary cost
Faster turnaround in hiring a new contractor

Watch our webinar, Smart Staffing for Your Startup, for more.

Create an account, including basic location and contact information. Select Create New Request, and enter project details such as the number and type of talents you need, language and location preferences, and submit.
We currently have talent in the following fields: Software Development, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Product Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Graphics & Design.
Absolutely not. That is not our business model. We do make a commision off of the matching process.

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Talent Frequently
Asked Questions from Freelance Talent

Gebeya is an online freelance talent marketplace for the Best of African Talent. Freelancers who successfully pass through our vetting process unlock access to lucrative projects on the continent and from around the globe.

  • Convenience: submit your application and update your profile on-the-go, from your phone; it’s free to join, and free to be matched with projects.
  • Automation: only match with projects that suit your skill sets and rate; no searching, no scrolling, no bidding wars; rate integrity eliminates unfair pricing that undervalues your work and worth.

Customization: Gebeya is for freelance talent in and from Africa; no anonymity or getting lost among millions of users, thanks to networking, community, events, and free upskilling training opportunities.


This is a platform for African freelancers, with a more selective, curated membership, and community feel than other freelance sites. Each project is tailored and contextualized to your preferences, delivered straight to you within the platform. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time opportunities, remote work, or an on-site gig.

Download the Gebeya Talent app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Register and fill in details like phone number, email address, and upload your CV. Choose your title and skills. Submit your application. Successfully pass tests relevant to your skills, English proficiency, and interview to be onboarded. Visit our How it Works page for more.
Please reach out to talent@gebeya email with your specific query. In the future, we will add additional features to allow you to enter information like skills and programs.
A Talent Specialist will reach out to you with the decision. Based on your result, you might be eligible for retake. In case you do not pass for the second time, or the retake option isn’t available to you, you will receive a message with information when you can apply again.

No. Although employees also undergo thorough screening, testing, and interviewing to join Gebeya, being a Gebeya Talent differs from being an employee. You are a freelancer in our talent marketplace, whom we will match with projects from a variety of corporations and exciting startups.

G-Talent projects can be short- or long-term, at hourly, daily, or monthly rates. G-Made projects include payment milestones, based on deliverables.

Projects range from development and promotion of mobile and web apps, to new product and market launches, to market research and writing. Gebeya is Pan-African, but has clients from around the African continent, Europe, and in the U.S. Gain access to great-paying freelance opportunities in Software Development, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Graphics & Design, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence.

Have a question you’d like answered? Email us at support@gebeya.com

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