Custom Software Application – A key to business success

Custom software application

Custom Software Application – A key to business success

Most successful businesses share one thing in common: custom software applications. Irrespective of the various third-party software available on the market, eminent companies rely on in-house development to regulate their operations. It provides leverage when it comes to growth and scaling.

The digital revolution in recent years abridges the gap between businesses and proficient tech talent. It has allowed companies to embrace custom software application development and upgrade their growth charts.

However, for some businesses, either at the initial or scaling stage, remain unsure about opting for custom software. To make the right, informed decision, it is important to understand what custom software application development is and how it can accelerate business operations, objectives, and bottom lines. 

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How custom software differs from third-party software 

Custom software is a tool, mobile application, or software that serves a specific purpose for a particular company and its workforce. Third-party software has generic features that are designed in a way to help multiple businesses.

Most off-the-shelf software charges businesses on a monthly or yearly basis. However, the implementation of custom software application development simply demands a one-time investment. There’s no hefty expenditure over time.

In addition to cost, there is another significant drawback of off-the-shelf software. If a solution encounters a problem, then the business’s operations can be severely impacted for an unspecified amount of time while companies that have chosen custom application development continue to stay ahead in the race.

Third-party software may be a feasible choice for startups or small businesses that cater to a small customer base but custom software is a must for businesses with a grand vision that involves targeting a wider customer base.

How businesses benefit from custom software application development 
Custom software development delivers the following advantages compared to third-party applications;
  • Better Productivity
Businesses with custom software application development experience better productivity. They tend to perform better than those using third-party applications.

Most commercial off-site software does not provide all the features in one product. Companies often buy individual subscriptions to several commercial off-the-site products to streamline operations. Staff then navigate between different software and tools to complete their tasks. The recursive follow-ups between employees and their managers on multiple tools ultimately affect workflow and accuracy.

Businesses with custom mobile application development relish the liberty to integrate multiple features or tools in a single application. In-house tools ensure better productivity and lead the company toward a successful milestone.
  • High scalability
Third-party software applications are rigid when it comes to scaling. For every new vertical that a business might open, all the required third-party tools may not be readily available.

The architecture of custom software companies is flexible to the present and future needs of the business. Thus, they find it easy to scale as the integration of extra features will be easy in custom software.
  • Self-Reliance
The wide range of user base of off-the-site software invites major faults such as a deadlock or shutdown at times. In the meantime, the businesses depending on such software suffer. Therefore, it is better to start with custom software application development as it reduces dependence on any other product.
  • Control over data
In the digital world, data is the greatest fuel and asset. Both business analytics and consumer data decide the future roadmap of a business. Sharing this golden asset with any other business for the sake of using a product isn’t ideal. Hence, consumer-facing businesses should host in-house applications to safeguard their data.
  • Instant customization
Every business is unique in terms of work culture, product delivery, etc. The use of generic software by companies contradicts their uniqueness. Custom software comes to this rescue and opens doors to customization as well. Be it the developing stage or the scaling stage; customization becomes easy when the development is in-house.
  • Budget-friendly
Although the initial cost of custom software application development might seem high, it is better seen as an investment rather than an expense. Because businesses might spend more money on subscription-based third-party software than on indigenously developed software.
  • Relatively safe from hackers
Third-party software is usually a target for hackers as it caters to a wider customer base. Hence, the chances of getting hacked are high. In-house custom software on the other hand hosts applications or software in a more private and secure network. Since it is less exposed to more people, hacking such software will be quite difficult.
How to get custom software for your business

The features and functionality of custom software are beneficial to a scalable and creative business that caters to a large user base. Now, the planning of getting the perfect one starts. 

As a start-up looking for custom software, two options are available- in-house development or consulting a custom application development company. Founding teams with limited tech professionals can choose from an array of custom software providers. These companies analyze ideas and assist in developing unique and suitable software.

Another viable and affordable option would be to get an experienced software developer professional through freelance platforms like Gebeya. Hiring skilled software developers will ease the path of customization and scalability now and in the future.

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