Benefits of hiring IoT developers from Africa

Benefits of hiring IoT developers from Africa

Keeping the present trends in mind, the IoT industry is expected to grow over $2.4 Trillion annually by 2027. The rising demands of automation and connectivity bring a lot of opportunities in the IoT sector. Consequently, companies need more IoT developers and Africa is a great place to outsource them.

IoT developers from Africa seem to provide certain leverage due to various reasons. Here, we look at the sparking potential of a typical Developer from Africa. Alongside, we outline the benefits that companies get when they hire remote IoT developers in Africa.


African IoT Ecosystem: A Brief Overview

It is surprising to see that IoT developers from Africa compose 10% of the total developer population. Most of them work in junior to mid-level positions with decent experience levels.

According to International Financial Corporation (IFC)- “only 22 percent of the continent has access to the internet”. African Union along with international groups aims to improve connectivity in the coming years. Because proper access to the internet assures significant learning and exposure to young individuals.

Tech-Savvy nations employ IoT as an integral part of their everyday life. From healthcare to manufacturing, every kind of industry leverages this amazing technology. Since IoT establishes the foundation of modern-day infrastructure, African start-ups have also risen to this call early. Integreight technology firm from Egypt developed an integrable IoT chip that allows users to operate their devices remotely. These start-ups, in turn, contribute to the uprising of IoT developers from Africa. Due to in-house companies, youngsters are keen to learn IoT skills.

Furthermore, the online learning platforms are adding to the revolution of adapting and popularizing tech. When it comes to IoT, developers work on a combination of hardware and software. Tech giants like IBM come forward in upskilling youth and creating a uniform status of knowledge.

All these prospects create a wide scope of Remote IoT developers in Africa. With time, Africa is set to become an epicenter of expert IoT developers.

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Why more companies are hiring IoT developers from Africa?

Overseas companies are looking to outsource developers from Africa for various reasons as follows:-

  •  Does not feel tight on budget

Junior developers have the maximum share in Africa’s developer community. According to a survey, their average annual income in 2021 was $11,800. The yearly compensation for mid-level and senior-level professionals in the same year has been recorded as $25,500 and $55,500.

These pays are comparatively beneficial when compared to western countries’ income statistics. US developers expect an annual pay of $110,638 while those from Germany earn $60,162 per year. Companies that have just started up or trying to build a foundation can consider IoT developers from Africa. They are both talented and available at comfortable pay. Hence, companies can make a masterful team without comprising on profits.

  •       Young Developer Population

Young professionals are highly enthusiastic and result-oriented. They have a zeal to learn without any second thoughts. Africa is home to many such young IoT developers. The average age of a Developer from Africa is 29 years old; according to the ‘Africa Developer Ecosystem 2021’ report by Google and Accenture. It is 7 years less than the global average developer age.

When companies hire young IoT developers from Africa, they invite a plethora of ideas and energy to the table. It also leads to a higher employee retention ratio as young developers tend to devote more time to the company than their older counterparts.

  •       Embracing Diversity

The interconnection of the globe reflects its impact on every digital platform. Amidst this, the inclusion of Remote IoT developers in Africa is a good way to promote diversity. It not only makes the work environment culturally rich but also brings out better productivity. Professionals from different backgrounds bring their own experiences and ideas. The respective inputs given by a diverse workforce are relatively more and eventually improve the customer experience.

  •       English Compatibility

The widely preferred medium of communication in multinational companies and international start-ups is English. African IoT developers have a decent reputation in English communication. Nearly four to five African countries rank well in the English Proficiency Index (EPI). Thus, companies prefer to hire from African countries like South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, etc. due to better communication skills.


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