The most trusted and reliable Pan-African Freelance Talent Marketplace that showcases Africa’s competitiveness.

About Us

Gebeya Inc. is a Pan-African online Freelance Talent Marketplace headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company aims to become an active contributor to Africa’s digital transformation and build a booming Africa through leveraging continental and global job opportunities for African talent.

Gebeya’s network of highly skilled, certified, and multilingual African talent on a digital platform services clients across the globe. Gebeya’s vision is of an Africa equipped with a competitive skilled workforce, and a greater number of innovative startups that will drive digital transformation.

Our Core


Wow The Customer

From the first interaction to the final product, the customer is at the core of every action we take.
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Humility, In Good Company

We leverage our expertise to help companies solve complex problems. We need your brain, not your ego.
Smart Workers


We are at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa. For everyone at Gebeya: work has no boundary, no location, no physical limit.
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Be the outcome you

We source the best talent in Africa to transform our customers’ challenges into opportunities. 

Innovate Gebeya

Innovate With Humanity

We are a people company. We offer an environment centered around transparency, respect, and dignity, where each individual is challenged to reach their full potential.
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Our Mission is to be THE trusted marketplace for customers and talent. The best part is, we have a track record:

  • We provide easy and seamless access to the best talents through a digital platform accessible globally.
  • We enable superior execution and effective delivery through team augmentation and remote working.
  • We use breakthrough technology to curate the best talents for our clients to yield the best outcome.
  • Customers trust us with the future of their businesses, year after year.
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To be the most trusted and reliable source of talent that showcases Africa’s competitiveness. We commit to deliver exceptional value to our customers by offering skilled talent with the right mindset, attitude, and integrity.
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Our company culture is the reflection of our core values. It is the motivation to surpass any challenge and the reason to celebrate every victory. ​Here at Gebeya, the extraordinarily diversified group of people are key for the company’s success. But when you put a group of people from all walks of life in one room, it can get a bit hectic sometimes.

So how do we do it? We value collaboration. Through open communication, trust and the recognition of each other’s abilities, we win as a team. Confidence is the indispensable tool to achieve our vision.

It is in the way we meet challenges head on, in the way we acknowledge the things we don’t have the answers to and in the bold risks we take to truly make a difference. True dedication​ brings job satisfaction. We have great people in our company that approach everything with passion. It’s this passion for what we do that is the fuel that keeps us running.

Meet The

Gebeya’s Executive Team has more than a decade of in-depth experience in the African digital space. Seventy percent of the leadership team is composed of North American and European African diaspora returning home to the continent. This mixture of proven, talented, local African managers and globally-trained leaders gives Gebeya a clear advantage in the African context of doing business. Gebeya’s senior management developed and implemented tactical objectives, and navigated expansion from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Senegal in only 3 years of operation.