Frequently Asked Questions

G Five is a premium service offered by Gebeya that connects businesses and organizations in Kenya with the top 5 vetted tech talent candidates in Africa. It streamlines the hiring process by providing you with a curated shortlist of highly qualified candidates for your tech positions.

When you submit a talent request form on the Gebeya website, our team will carefully review your requirements. We will then search our rich database for the best-suited tech talent in Africa. You’ll receive a handpicked shortlist of the top 5 candidates who match your needs.

G Five saves you time and effort by presenting you with a curated list of vetted tech talent candidates. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that you’re considering only the most qualified individuals, making your hiring decisions easier and more informed.

Getting started with G Five is easy. Simply visit our website and fill out the talent request form with your specific job requirements. Our team will then initiate the search and provide you with the curated shortlist.

Maximum 30 minutes with in submission

Yes, you can select the option to see more and access more talents, pricing will be based on the amount of additional talent you wish to see

Once you receive the shortlist, you can review the profiles of the candidates and decide which ones you’d like to interview or engage with further. The final steps of the hiring process are up to you.

The avaiability of the candidates is mentioned under each candidates profile but will be presented to you based on your preference

While we make every effort to provide you with highly qualified candidates, we understand that preferences can vary. If the initial shortlist doesn’t meet your needs, we’re open to understanding your requirements better and refining our search to provide you with a more suitable list.

We have the option of managed services where Gebeya will hire the talents on behalf of you as long as they provide service to your company and charge you one lump sum monthly fee which is employee salary plus 15% service fee

If the initial candidate hired doesn’t meet your expectation,you can always select a second or third talent to replace them from the candidates initially shared.