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Benefits Of A Personal Website

Most people think only businesses need websites. But do you know that personal websites are a good way to display your achievements and showcase what you are good at? After all it doesn’t hurt to blow your own horn once in a while.

A personal website should have rich content, supports videos, blogs & interactive elements thus providing a richer experience for viewers. The content can range from videos from conferences you have taken part in to at videos that you’ve shot explaining certain concepts.

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need To Have a Personal Website:

Build your personal brand

Through your personal website, you get the chance to create an impression or image that sets you apart from others. Yes you have your social media profiles such as Twitter and professional profiles such as LinkedIn and Google +, but a personal website will make it easier for people to connect with you. This sets you apart from other people in your field and it enables the right kind people to reach you. In addition to this, you are able to easily let your personality shine through your website, whether it’s through the colors you use or the images that you display or simply the content that you share.

Showcase your achievements

A personal website is a good medium to use as your portfolio. Through your personal website you can curate either all the projects you have worked on or showcase your best work.  You have total control over the information that people access. Headhunters and people with similar interests are able to access your work easily and as such contact you with ease.

Showcase your expertise in a certain field

Through your personal website, you can showcase your expertise.How, you ask? Writing is a good way to do this. A blog section where your visitors can get rich content that’s informational, entertaining and educative is a good place to start. It is advisable to curate content that is in your field or related fields. Latest news about interesting topics e.g Internet of Things is a good place to start. Reviews of products or services also make for good content (but only if you’ve actually used the product and service). Objectivity is key.

Some of the features that you may include on your personal website include:

About. This is a biography about yourself.  List your educational background and experience. List all the awards that you have won in your line of work. Always use third person, e.g Ben is a technologist, strategy advisor and venture capitalist.
Work. This part should have the various places that you have worked at and are currently working at. Brief info about these places, 40 - 50 words. In addition to this, list all the awards that you have won. 
Gallery. Include your professional images (not studio photos as they will look staged and fake and we don’t want this). Authenticity is key.
Contact Info. Email address, office location and links to your professional or preferred social media sites.
Why else do you think one should have a personal website? Let us know in the comment section.

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